About Me and Family Tree Doula

Building thriving, healthy families, one visit at a time.

Growing up in a communal household in rural West Virginia lead me to appreciate, from an early age, the healing power of nature and community. Choosing the name “Family Tree Doula” comes from this appreciation. Building relationships with people, places on this earth, and things that nurture us is key – especially for supporting us throughout the postpartum period. 

My husband and I came to Western North Carolina after college and started creating connections with people and this beautiful area. When our son arrived, I was surprised and challenged by some of the postpartum struggles and they most certainly landed me on the path to becoming a postpartum doula. Had I been better able to ask for support and recognize my own, and my family’s, needs during the postpartum, it could have been a time of greater healing, growth and thriving. This came as a painful realization as well as with a sense of excitement.  It brought a new sense of purpose and clarity.

Throughout my life I have found interest and employment in a variety of things – from gardening to social work, mental health coaching, cooking, pottery, herbalism, social justice work, traveling and moving my body outdoors.  Finally, when the postpartum doula role came into my awareness, I could see all the previous pieces fitting together into a bigger picture. 

I am inspired when I work with new parents and families to realize their own capability as well as their interconnectedness and even vulnerability. I deeply enjoy both preparing a nutritious meal AND coming up with a system for helping a new dad get through a grocery store run with infant in tow, or listening quietly to a difficult birth story or being a boisterous cheerleader for a new mom who is full of self-doubt.

Our world, expectations and needs are changing at a rapid pace today. I find the experiences and grounding tools I have used for tending my own well-being becoming all the more relevant in these times. These tools are vital for helping me fully show up for new parents and families. Sharing these and supporting the growth of healthy, thriving families is how I bring myself most fully into this vibrant world community.

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