Postpartum Nutrition

You have probably noticed that fending off the shoulds of parenting can be a challenge. It is for most of us in this culture. Your parents, your neighbor, the doctor, the cashier at the hardware store, your sister, your sister’s sister-in-law…. everyone has opinions about the right way to do things, not least so OURSELVES, right?   DeepContinue reading “Postpartum Nutrition”

What Do Postpartum Doulas Do, Anyway?

Are you wondering about whether to hire a postpartum doula for yourself or a loved one? If you are like many capable, thrifty folks you may be looking for ways to save money and thus, reasons that you DON’T need to hire a postpartum doula.   Before having a kid my reasons were plainly: ~ I amContinue reading “What Do Postpartum Doulas Do, Anyway?”

What do you NEED for postpartum?

What are the things that you really need to have on hand before baby comes? It’s difficult to know what’s really necessary and what’s just nice to have. And that line of nice vs. need is a little different for everyone. It might be helpful to remember that at this moment in time, it is so easyContinue reading “What do you NEED for postpartum?”

Welcome to Family Tree Doula Services

I’m so excited to introduce myself and all that Family Tree Doula Services has to offer! Growing up in a communal household, in rural West Virginia made me appreciate the healing powers of nature and community. Getting grounded in and building relationships with people, places and things that nurture us is key – especially during the postpartum period. This came asContinue reading “Welcome to Family Tree Doula Services”